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Worthy Everyday

You can have what you desire. It does not have to be hard. 

But when we feel unworthy, we make things so hard for ourselves. We don’t take the actions that we should because we think:

“Why bother? I won’t get it anyway. I don’t even deserve it.”


I created this hypnosis and workbook for you because you are so worthy of living a life full of happiness, joy, laughter, love, excellent health, peace, abundance, connection and anything that you desire.

We were born worthy. But as humans, we can feel unworthy or less than at times. These feelings of unworthiness that we carry was never ours to begin with. They became the writing on our subconscious wall that was imposed on us by family members, teachers , bosses, friends or others whose opinion we value. 

Feelings of unworthiness do not define who we really truly are. They can be released and be replaced with feelings of worthiness.

Listening to the hypnosis will help you to:

  • Calm your mind and body

  • Instill positive thinking

  • Boost your confidence and feelings of self-worth and self-love

  • Release the the past events that made you feel unworthy

  • Be motivated to take positive action to reach your goals

The 19-page workbook is used in conjunction with the hypnosis. The prompts will help you to pinpoint your blocks to feelings of worth and help you recognize how worthy you are in every way, every day. 

This hypnosis should be listened to everyday for two weeks. After that, listen every other day for the next two weeks. Then listen, as needed.

Format: MP3

Length: 43 mins.

Delivery: Download 

$ 33.00



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