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Private Virtual Sessions 

  • You are in and out of the hypnotic state all day long, such as, when you daydream, watch TV, or drive. 

    When you're in the state of hypnosis, you usually feel very calm, relaxed, and are more open to suggestions. Hypnosis is the perfect tool to help you gain control over undesired behaviors, manage stress and make positive lasting changes in all areas of your life. 


    Inside Out Weight Release Method

    I will help you to:

  • Release up to 25 lbs. in 60 days

  • Continue to release additional weight in the months to come

  • Learn how to keep it off while eating real food

  • My method takes people from feeling stressed, tired, embarrassed, sick, and uncomfortable in their clothes and takes them to feeling in control, feeling good about themselves, and releasing weight quickly and consistently all without pills, shakes, expensive ‘fake food’ or crazy workout routines.


    Stress Management

    Hypnosis is especially effective for relaxation, getting to the root cause of stress and alleviating it, instilling coping mechanisms to better handle stress as well as good habits that reduce stress.

    Are you ready to manage your stress so you can focus on what is really important, be more productive and enjoy your life? Yes? I was hoping you would say that!


    Smoking Cessation

    Are you are ready to become a non-smoker now? If you are, I have good news! Most clients only need one session to finally become a non-smoker.

    You may be experiencing some unpleasant side effects from smoking. But if you commit to being a non-smoker, you can decrease your risk of most diseases, improve your health, be free of the constant disruptive urge to smoke and add years to your life. You still have time.



    Single Session (2 Hours)

    Smoking Cessation usually only requires one single session.


    3-Session Package (1 Hour and 15 Minutes Each)

    Many issues can be resolved in 3 sessions. Everyone's needs are unique.

    Prices Vary

    3-12 Month Packages

    The packages are customized to your
    individual needs and goals.


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