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I always thought my super power was being able to turn my emotions on and off like switch. It protected me since the day I found out that I was never going home again. I was six.

What was supposed to be a one month vacation visiting family back home in the United States turned out to be permanent.

Although it was for the best, I was too young to be told the truth. That shocking event left a huge mark that affected me negatively for forty years.

Seemingly, overnight, I lost practically everything I knew and had to start over. This would be difficult for anyone at any age, but especially for a young child. 

I was supposed to start first grade, but my English was weak since I had been speaking primarily Danish for the past few years. I was starting kindergarten instead. 

I remember riding the bus to my new school in utter shock and wondering, "What the hell just happened? Why am I here? Will my dad call me? Where is my dog? What will my friends back home think happened to me? 

That whole year was a blur. I was confused and became quiet and withdrawn. I learned how to cope by not letting myself feel much. I pushed my painful feelings down and just left them there. It's what I needed to do at the time. Only I never stopped and kept doing it well into my forties. 

All of the years worth of unresolved negative feelings piling on top of each other was very destructive. It got to the point where numbing myself and pretending I didn't have any problems really took it's toll. 

I never asked for help. I kept everything in as more and more problems were created because of this 'so called' super power of mine. I was drowning in unrelenting stress, fear of loss, feelings of unworthiness, low self-esteem, an inability to focus, feeling stuck and hopeless, and on and on......all of which were created by me not dealing with any painful emotions and just pushing them down. 

Eventually, there was no more room to push anything else down. One day, I was pacing in my kitchen, frantic about something I had been avoiding but now had to deal with. I could feel my heart racing, I started hyperventilating, my body felt numb.

The next thing I knew, I was face down on the kitchen floor. The impact of my head hitting the floor, brought me back to awareness. I didn't know what happened at first. 

I carefully got up, blood was running down my face. Fortunately, I fell gracefully (in my mind anyway, LOL) and managed to only fracture my nose. I was so grateful. It was a warning sign and I listened. I had no choice. 

In an effort to help myself, I started to look for natural solutions to deal with my issues. The first thing I found was EFT tapping. It really helped me release some of the negative emotions I had been holding onto and I started to feel more calm. I became a certified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner so I could help others get the same relief that I experienced.

I knew there was more I could do the help myself and I discovered hypnosis. I was surprised by the incredible changes I experienced with hypnosis. In many ways, hypnosis saved my life. I wanted to share this gift with people who needed help and I became a certified Hypnosis Counselor.

I also became a certified Life Coach to enhance my skills in helping people access the answers they already have deep within themselves so they could create the life they wanted.

I was fortunate to have always been surrounded by loving aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and have the best mom and step-father. I had a fantastic childhood. I also was fortunate to marry a wonderful man and have two incredible daughters. Unfortunately, that one event had serious consequences for me for most of my life because of the avoidance skill I learned as a child.

I am so saddened by all that I lost because of that damn on/off switch such as time, relationships, opportunities, joy, peace, and much more. 

Any traumatic event that happens before you are seven has a much deeper impact than it would have if it had happened later in life. The sooner you resolve your issues, the sooner you can be happy and feel at peace. 

Everything happens for a reason. I believe my past hurt led me to my purpose; helping people who are struggling with painful emotions to move past them and thrive. 



B.A. in Communication

William Paterson University

Consulting Hypnotist, CH

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*Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists

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