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Lose The Emotional & Physical Weight

I am working with a handful of people to help them release up to 25 lbs. in the next 60 days, continue to release additional weight in the months to come and learn tools to keep it off. 

We will do this using my Inside Out Weight Release Method which takes people from feeling stressed, tired, embarrassed, sick, uncomfortable in their clothes and takes them to feeling in control, feeling good about themselves, and releasing weight without pills, shakes, expensive ‘fake food’ or crazy workout routines.


What May Behind The Weight Gain?

What’s making many people gain weight and keep it on is emotional/stress eating. We eat in response to our emotions. It is this “emotional weight” that stops people from being as healthy as they could be. This leads to people eating the wrong foods, in too large portions, and at the wrong times.

The worst part is instead of making them feel better, emotional eating makes them feel worse and they can’t stop alone.

What Can Be Done?

When people lose the emotional weight, the physical weight often follows while their self-confidence soars.

When they learn to like and eat real food, their cravings disappear, their bodies function better, their pain diminishes or disappears, their brain fog lifts, their energy is through the roof, and they feel happier.

This Works!

My clients are celebrating successes.

A new client has released 20 lbs. and counting, is in complete control of her eating even when surrounded by tempting foods. She is sleeping soundly through the night and is bursting with energy. She feels good about herself for the first time in years.

I’ve used this method to release 50 lbs. in three months myself. I no longer eat unhealthy foods, eat large portions, eat out of boredom or eat at improper times. I am in total control and it has changed my life.

What Happens During Our Work Together?

Using hypnosis, I will help you release the emotional weight that you have been carrying for years (anger, shame, fear, feelings of unworthiness, etc.) so you can get to the root cause of your emotional eating, neutralize your reaction and take back control over your eating. I will also show you powerful techniques to manage stress and protect you from stress eating.

I will apply a “virtual gastric lap band” that will help you fill up quickly when you eat. This is not surgery. I will apply the lap band hypnotically so you can have all of the benefits without the awkward shaving, pain, recovery time and risks.

I will guide you hypnotically to adopt good habits and healthy eating practices. This will help reshape your
taste buds so you crave healthier foods.

  • 4 x 1.5 hour private weekly hypnosis sessions via Zoom

  • Hypnosis recordings to listen to at home

  • Work between sessions for deeper insight and fortification of our sessions

  • Text/email support


I’d like to answer some common questions....

Is Hypnosis Safe?

Yes, hypnosis is safe. No one can be hypnotized without their permission. Under hypnosis, if a suggestion is given which is not acceptable to a hypnotized individual, it will be immediately rejected. In other words, you are always in full control. You are working with the hypnotist at your will the whole time.

Is My Hypnotic Gastric Lap Band Adjustable?

Yes, I will show you how to hypnotically adjust your lap band, if needed.

What's The Investment?

It’s only a one-time payment of $999 or three payments of $333. Additional payment plan options are available. The benefits of taking control of your emotional and physical health are priceless.

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

The way people typically describe the feeling of being hypnotized during a session is to be in a calm, physically, and mentally relaxed state in which they are able to focus deeply on their problems and find resolution.

Can You Guarantee My Results?

Here’s my promise to you, 95% of my clients who show up for all of the sessions, do the work between sessions and follow the suggestions release up to 25 lbs. in 60 days. If you do not release up to 25 lbs. in 60 days, we will evaluate what happened. I want to work with you to reach your goals and cheer you on and most importantly, celebrate your success!


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