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Below is a list of professionals whom I work with personally and can attest to their excellence. I believe in referring the services of those who make our lives easier, happier and more productive so we can have more time to share our own personal gifts with those who need us. 

    Wani Manly

    Bestselling Author, Attorney, Entrepreneur

    Wani offers thorough legal bundles that protect you and your business.

    Sheryl Brian

    Certified Health Coach and Clinical Thermographer 

    I developed the Vista Natural Wellness Center as a place for providing activities and products geared towards living a healthy lifestyle. I feel that there are many things that one can do to have a better quality of life and also prevent problems down the road, if they adapt positive lifestyle


    Isabelle Ting

    Website & Funnel Expert

    I help health & life coaches launch dream offers like expert In their niche, without being 'salesy'. Build a heart-oriented business & be your clients' dream solution with my funnel, landing page & website design!


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