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Kimberly Vuz, Host

Terrill Sydnes, Host

Welcome to the EMERGE Release and Rise Virtual Retreat!

The incredible presenters that we have here for you will help you make positive changes for a big impact in your life

We have hosted events before, but this is an extraordinary group and you will want to soak in their wisdom and the love and dedication they have for helping others be the best versions of themselves.

As a special gift to you, we are going to leave access to this event open for free from September 25th to December 25th.
We know how busy you are but we hope you take the time to do this for you. You deserve it!

You will really enjoy this format. You will get personal interaction with some live presentations and the flexibility of the pre-recorded sessions and replays of the lives to watch at your leisure and when you need to be uplifted, energized, inspired and motivated.



Kimberly Vuz and Terrill Sydnes

Live Zoom Schedule

The replays of the lives will be posted.

All videos will be available for 90 days. 

Special Guest:

Jessica Verrill

Jessica works with adults & children who don't fit into the box that they are so often shoved into.

The sensitives. The rebels. The empaths. The intuitives. The aware.

She gives you the tools you need to expand into that internal power, feed that fire and use it to smash through that damn box so you can create a life that fits you. All of you.


Contact Jessica

    Lisa David Olson

  • Keynote Speaker, Podcaster, Business Humorist and Speaker Trainer

    Presentation: Can humor save your life? The bravest thing you’ve never done

    Lisa David Olson

  • Keynote Speaker, Podcaster, Business Humorist and Speaker Trainer

    Presentation: Can humor save your life? The bravest thing you’ve never done

    Lisa David Olson

  • Keynote Speaker, Podcaster, Business Humorist and Speaker Trainer

    Presentation: Pranks For The Memories

About Can Humor Save Your Life?

Coming from a traumatic childhood lead to the love and escapism that humor provides. 

Learn how to dare yourself, seek laughter and connect with others through the ripple effect of humor. Creative mind play and big ideas will abound!

About Lisa

Humor is a connector with healing benefits. Lisa David Olson is a keynote speaker, podcaster, business humorist and speaker trainer. She delivers high-energy presentations that challenge attendees to think creatively and choose the lighter side of life.

Audiences love her practical strategies they can apply personally and professionally. Her TEDx "Seeking humor, discovering bravery" will be released in the fall of 2021. Her TEDx “Pranks For The Memories” was released August, 2021.

Learn about Olson's 'Project in Bravery', her comedy album, book and journal at www.LisaDavidOlson.com.

Free Download: Creative Cues Starter Page


Offer: Creative Coaching. Set up by the hour. 

Discount for multiple sessions prepaid. 

One hour zoom chat to discuss your speaking topic, how to get speaking leads, making sure your message and action items are clear, adding humor if desired. As a two time TEDx Speaker, learn about the writing, the guidelines and how to apply for a talk. 

Some writers benefit from sessions to shape their book ideas and discuss thoughts for a successful launch event. As a podcaster, Olson can also discuss how to get guests, find your niche and what it takes to be an above average interviewer. 

$75 per hour. 

Three pre-paid jam sessions, $200 total 

Link:  Schedule through email [email protected] 


Creative Coaching promo; for those who need a professional nag. Are you a speakers who needs to fine-tune a message, or a writer who craves to shape a book idea? Experience unique conversation from an improv ninja with 20 years of performing experience. 

1 free 20 minute session. 

Link: Schedule through email [email protected] 



    Dr. Alexis Edwards

  • Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Transformational Lecturer, Psychic, Author, Podcaster and founder of The Expansion Principle Institute.

    Presentation: VIDEO COMING SOON

About Expansion is Your Natural State

Science has recently discovered that the universe is constantly expanding and while it’s perplexing, it’s undeniable. Everything we experience as human beings adds to and has the potential to augment our lives, if we let it.

It’s often difficult to do this because of societal constructs passed on beliefs within our lineages or even remembrances from past/ future lives. In so many ways we are bound by our wounds.

We have the invitation at this time to free ourselves and become truly sovereign. In this talk we’ll have a conversation about how to move beyond stagnation and allow ourselves to live in the natural state of expansion. 

About Dr. Alexis

Dr. Alexis Edwards is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Transformational Lecturer, Psychic, Author, Podcaster and founder of The Expansion Principle Institute.

Growing up in a spiritual household, a tangible relationship with the unseen was a given. Immersed in the world of ritual, reverence and spirit created a deep sense of faith and trust in both herself, the world of the unseen and what she is here to do on this planet, in service of humanity.

Dr. Alexis’ goal is for her students to expand their being by becoming who they are and releasing + healing their past trauma. Through her innumerable lifetimes, in relationship with an inter-dimensional being named Simon, she brings the Expansion Principle energies to help rewrite the potential future of humanity.

The Expansion Principle Institute is the conduit by which they facilitate the exchange of wisdom and expansion via continued education and training.

Free Download: Expansion Labyrinth


6 week exploration to uncover our truest self. Utilizing a combination of high vibration statements, Expansion Principle energy transmissions and the ancient power of labyrinths the Expansion Labyrinth walks you through a journey of healing the very beginning/ the seed of a belief, experience or trauma. Are you ready to heal at deeper levels and rewrite your story today? Join us in this self passed experience 


Expansion Principle Practitioner Training 



Save $1111 on Expansion Principle Practitioner Training 

    Jasmine Rice

  • Transformation Life Coach | NLP Practitioner

    Presentation: Shift Your Mindset: Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programing

About Jasmine

Jasmine Rice is a Certified Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programing Practitioner with a degree in psychology from the University of Kansas that formed her foundation for wanting to help women go from surviving to thriving after divorce.

Shifting her mindset, learning to consistently practice self-care and self-love have been key ingredients in her personal growth transformation that she teaches to her clients.  Jasmine believes there is no one-size-fits all approach to self-improvement, self-care, personal growth and transformation. You get to create your own life recipe! 

Free Download: 7 Self-Care Tips You Know You Should Be Doing...But Aren’t 



One-on-One coaching


    Julia Stubbe

  • Founder/creator juliastubbe.com and Co-host of

    A Call to Heal

    LIVE Presentation @ 1 PM EST 9/25:

    Chakra AI Overlay Clearing


About Chakra AI Overlay Clearing

There will be a short discussion on AI - Artificial Intelligence and what the AI Chakra Overlay is.

Julia will then facilitate the Chakra Overlay Clearing process. Once this process is complete we will connect and fully activate you with your organic chakras, including activating the Divine Heart, as well as the Paradise and Sun chakras.

About Julia

Facilitating Healing for New Earth and Her Beings.

Julia Stubbe is a gifted energy intuitive, channel and teacher, specializing in assisting others to wholeness through self-empowerment. Using a holistic approach, she interweaves many healing modalities to find a deeper understanding of physical and emotional dis-ease. By peeling away the layers of surface challenges and blockages, an understanding and realization of issues through this healing enlightenment are exposed, allowing deeper issues to come to light. This approach facilitates healing transformation through hands-on healing and holistic counseling. 

Julia channels multiple Galactic and Multi-Dimensional Beings sharing energetic transmissions that clear old programming and activate creative DNA coding, elevating your vibration and frequency, to support you on your journey of unfoldment.

An extraordinary spirit, her journey began more than 25 years ago. It was through her own powerful personal transformation through energy healing that brought her to share this profound work with others.

Free Download: Heart Clearing Guided Meditation



Personal Transformation



20% off 30 or 60 minute Personal Transformation Session

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    Susan Bischak

  • Practitioner of Biofield Tuning, Biosyntonie, Past Life Regressions, and Mediumship

    LIVE Presentation @ 11 AM EST 9/26: Emotional Baggage Weighs You Down

    See Zoom links at top of page. Replay will be posted here.

About Emotional Baggage Weighs You Down

The biofield surrounding your body is a storehouse of emotional baggage accumulated over your lifetime. Biofield Tuning uses tuning forks to find areas of low vibration due to stored highly emotional content.

Once areas are identified, the tuning forks are used to raise the vibration to a healthier level and release stress from your life.

Emotions are vibrations in your energy field. Those that don’t serve you will weigh on your psyche and influence your relationships with others and yourself.

About Susan

Susan is a Practitioner of Biofield Tuning, Biosyntonie, Past Life Regressions, and Mediumship. She is also a thermography medical imaging technician.

Free Download: Preface to my book Healing a Desperate Heart

 email: [email protected]


$25 off any first session


    Renay Roberts

  • Registered Health & Functional Nutrition Coach

    Presentation: The Science of Sleep: Why It’s Important and How to Achieve a Good Night’s Rest

About The Science of Sleep: Why It’s Important and How to Achieve a Good Night’s Rest

Do you find it hard to fall asleep? Do you wake up in the early hours and find it hard to go back to sleep? Do you wake feeling tired and groggy and not fully refreshed? If any of these resonate with you, then this is the workshop for you!A good night's sleep is key to great health, vitality, peak performance, weight maintenance, and moods.

So many of us don't get enough or good enough quality sleep, and our well-being and health suffers. So come and learn some critical sleep facts; the impact on our bodies of not getting enough, and what you can do about it! Come away with some practical tips to get the most restful night's sleep ever!

Join Renay Roberts, Founder of Nourish to Live Rx, and learn why sleep is so important and what you can do to get a good night's rest.

About Renay

Renay is a registered health & functional nutrition coach who helps men and women over 40 who struggle with low energy and have trouble sleeping. She helps develop healthy habits to gain energy, sleep better, lose weight, and maintain a healthy lifestyle without dieting. She provides 1:1 and group coaching using a holistic approach that aligns mindset with food and body so that you can heal, live fully, and feel amazing.

Free Download: 20 Tips for a Better Sleep



Online Sleep Course. A course that will help you sleep better. Are you suffering from one of the following symptoms? If so, you would greatly benefit from this course! This course is scheduled to start in November 2021. Sign up for the waitlist to be notified when course registration opens!

Do you find it hard to fall asleep? Do you wake during the night and find it hard to go back to sleep? Do you wake feeling tired and groggy and not fully refreshed?



30% off my new sleep course for anyone on the waitlist.

Use code waitlist when course registration opens

    Presley Yarrow

  • Conscious Love Specialist

    LIVE Presentation @ 11:30 AM EST 9/25: 

    Break Free From Dysfunctional Relationship Patterns

    See Zoom links at top of page. Replay will be posted here.

About Break Free From Dysfunctional Relationship Patterns

In this presentation, you will uncover the root of your dysfunctional relationship patterns. You will be given tools to navigate these familiar patterns and break the cycle. Come join Presley as she teaches you about the subconscious mind, childhood wounds and cultivating self-love for a thriving relationship where Conscious Love comes pouring in.

About Presley

Presley is a Conscious Love Specialist and the creator of The Love Awakening Method™.

For the last 3 years she’s made it her mission to break down the exact steps it takes for women to release their negative subconscious beliefs to find a thriving relationship and long-lasting love.

This journey has taken her all across the globe. She’s worked at world class retreat centers in Dubai, Thailand, and Hawaii. She’s worked with hundreds of women around the world to provide guidance as a Life Coach, Hypnotherapist & Clinical Couples Therapist.

Presley’s goal is to move women into a space of letting go, cultivating self-love and creating a relationship where Conscious Love comes pouring in.

Free Download: The 5 Keys to Conscious Love

This guidebook provides you with 5 key elements to finding a healthy relationship and Conscious Love.


*With this free download, you get access to 45 minute Breakthrough Session with Presley

During this process, Presley will move you through a coaching conversation and ask key questions that will uncover what’s been holding you back from finding healthy, stable love. Then you will discuss ways of moving forward with this new found discovery.

Offer: The Love Awakening Method™ A 12 week intensive program designed for you to break free from negative subconscious beliefs to find love. You will learn how to let go of conditioned behaviors that aren't serving you, cultivate self-love and create/manifest the perfect life partner into your life.


*Program is usually $4000 but just for this group it is $1750

This guidebook provides you with 5 key elements to finding a healthy relationship and Conscious Love.

    Matan Cohen-Citron

  • Yoga, Pilates & Movement, Hypnosis, Somatic & Wellness Coaching

    Presentation:  Getting Out of Survival - Living On The Other Side of The Nervous System

About Getting Out of Survival - Living On The Other Side of The Nervous System

A key element for our health is our nervous system (NS). When our NS is healthy we spend more time in rest and digest vs fight, flight and freeze, and our body does what it is supposed to do, build new cells, and pump the right chemicals to make us happy.  

However, as a result of accumulation of stress & trauma in our body, our nervous system goes out of balance and results in decreased health and happiness and can lead to poor sleep, chronic stress, chronic pain, tiredness, anxiety, depression & more. We pretty much live in it as society.

On the other side of it is a healthy human being, balanced, having a healthy body & mind that work in harmony. 

In this workshop through Matan’s personal story of overcoming traumas & limiting believes you will get a map, tools, and funny stories of many mistakes he made on the way to come into balance.

About Matan

His name is synonymous with dedication, playfulness, creativity, compassion and honesty. Over the past 20 years and in over 20,000 sessions, Matan has helped others master their inner dimension through many modalities including hypnosis, therapeutic movement, yoga, pilates, meditation, breath, qigong, and wellness & transformation coaching.

     Lisa Dimino White

  • Best-Selling Author, Podcast Host, Joy Coach

    Presentation: 5 Tiny Tweaks That Make an Incredible Impact 

    Video Coming Soon!

About 5 Tiny Tweaks That Make an Incredible Impact

These 30 minutes can change your life. You’ll discover five little adjustments that you can start implementing right away that will allow you to find more moments of joy, happiness, and connection with others. You’ll learn how to love your life and feel more productive (professionally and personally) than you ever thought possible. 

About Lisa

Known as "The Joy Seeker", Lisa Dimino White has over 20 years of experience in marketing, communications, and event management. She now focuses on her passion - inspiring others to actively seek out and create more joy for themselves, their communities, and all of humankind. She does this through her book and podcast, both titled "Bursting with Happiness,” speaking professionally, and working with clients as a certified professional coach by giving them the tools they need to live their best - and happiest - lives.Most people are pretty darn amazing and don't recognize their own greatness. Lisa is on a mission to change that. We all have struggles, but they don't define us. No matter what challenges you're faced with, there's always joy to be found....if you know where to look.

Free Download:

Ever wonder how some people always seem to be positive and are able to manage the negative stuff so well? Find out how they do it by downloading the “Habits that all Happy People Have” pdf. Best of all, these tips are easy to replicate and can make you one of these unicorn-type people too!



All attendees are invited to experience a free 60 minute ”joy seeking” session! Spend an hour with “The Joy Seeker” and you’ll get a fresh perspective and be better able to recognize your awesomeness and what's possible. You’ll come away feeling more joyful, confident, and focused than ever before! 


    Liane Memmer

  • Intuitive Energy Healer and Self-discovery Coach

    Presentation: Six Signs Your Transitioning into 5D Consciousness with LIVE energy balancing to support you!

About Six Signs Your Transitioning into 5D Consciousness with LIVE energy balancing to support you 

I invite you to attend my presentation where you will receive a LIVE Energy Balancing to active and support you during this time of 5th Dimension Transitioning. We will also discuss 6 signs that you are emerging from a 3D existence into 5D renewal. Results…You will leave our session feeling regenerated and ready to engage life with a sense of curiosity. You will gain a more clear understanding about the 5th Dimension and an openness to embrace the changes that will best support you on your journey. I look forward to meeting you there!

About Liane

Liane Memmer is an Intuitive Energy Healer and Self-discovery Coach. She assists people in making authentic and lasting changes by helping them understand their ‘Divine Blueprint’. Your Blueprint consists of your natal astrology, your personal numerology birth code, your chakra characterology, and your energy field.Through this knowledge and powerful intuitive energy healing sessions you will release blocks and gracefully transition into BEING the change you desire.


Special Offer! 25% off any Life Grooves service



Boost your immunity!...Check out my short routine on how to naturally boost your immunity through activating your Neuro-Lymphatic zones.


    Leilani Clark

  • Mental Health Coach

    Presentation: Finding Balance With Breath: Tools for Mental Health

About Finding Balance With Breath: Tools for Mental Health

Come learn how breath has a direct relationship with our physical and mental health. Experience for yourself two ways to deepen your awareness of your breath so that you can shift from a state of anxiety, stress, or depression to a state of energized calmness.

About Leilani

As a Mental Health Coach and Owner of Inner Explorer Yoga, Leilani specializes in working with individuals who experience anxiety. She teaches individuals how to navigate their anxiety without medication so that they can stop watching life pass them by and get back living! Leilani offers private online consultations.  When creating an individual’s customized treatment plan, Leilani assesses clients through the bio-psycho–social–spiritual healthcare framework. As a result of applying holistic assessment tools, Leilani goes beyond evaluating the presenting symptoms to identifying the underlying causes of the individual’s stress, inflammation, and pain. Using holistic interventions such as therapeutic yoga, meditation, breathwork, and lifestyle supports, clients are able to achieve balance, increase their energy, and restore control in their lives.   

Free Download:

A 25 page guidebook for building awareness of your breathing patterns to create more balance in your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Hands on mindful tools and exercises with a daily breathwork practice.


Offer #1:

From Exhausted to Energized!

Are you working a high pressure job? Do you find yourself saying yes even when inside you want to say no? Do you find it difficult to relax? Come learn how to shift from a state of mental and physical exhaustion to restored, rejuvenated, and energized!

In Leilani’s four pillar customized coaching program, you will receive a plan of care specific to your needs and goals. We will work within the bio-psycho-social-spiritual healthcare framework. We will utilize therapeutic yoga, breathwork, meditation, and lifestyle supports to address imbalances in your respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal, muscular, and mental health systems. You will be provided with support and resources throughout your sessions.  Stop living on the sidelines juggling… Come reconnect with yourself. Come into your flow. Come learn how to live a calm AND energized life!


Offer #2:

Happy Habits™

Have you been wanting to start a meditation practice but have found it overwhelming to start on your own? Happy Habits™ is a small online accountability group where I guide you through a meditation for 40 days. It’s a safe, judgement free, inclusive space. We gather every day at the same time for 30 minutes.  



Kundalini Yoga Online Group Class 

Come experience a one hour live online kundalini yoga class for $10 on September 29, 2021. 


    Kelly Goyer

  • Coach, Hypnotherapist

    Presentation: Throneheart Path To Power Hypnosis Experience - Unlock The Power & Love of Your Heart

About The Throneheart Path To Power

Participants will be guided to unwrap the bindings on their hearts, release them to a higher power, and through the metaphor of a tree with soil, roots, branches and leaves, will end with a newfound sense of personal freedom. 

About Kelly

I live where all things are possible and my life’s work is to invite others into a deeper connection with themselves and the great mystery of being human. I live a life committed to the study of humanity. My lifelong quest has been to learn what makes us who we are, and what it takes to thrive as a human being. I work with clients as a guide to transforming their problems into inspiration, connectedness, and inner heroism. My motto has always been: Begin within.

Free Download: Throneheart Guided Hypnosis Audio - Enter The Cave of Your Heart



Throneheart Path to Freedom hypno-coaching packages

Throneheart 1 is a 3 month package

Throneheart 2 is a 5 month package

Throneheart VIP is an incredibly effective, brief session with 2 therapeutic coaches who will guide you through your blocks quickly. 


    James Grimm

  • Hypnotherapist

    Presentation: Orientation To Past Life Regression

About Orientation To Past Life Regression

Are you at your wits end with unexplained symptoms that nobody can explain as in there are no obvious causes for your illness, fears, or phobias? Are you obsessed with a particular period of history? Are you drawn to a particular place where you have no conscious connection? Have you experienced deja vu - like you have been somewhere or met someone that seems like you have a “past, but can’t consciously remember? Perhaps you uncannily excel at something that seems unexplainable? These are all indicators of the influence of past a past life influencing your current life. Sound interesting? On September 25, I am hosting a virtual orientation to Past Life Regression.

About James

My name is James (Jim) Grimm. I am a retired Army officer and a retiree from a Children’s Hospital. As you can imagine, my military experiences have included observing the best and the worst of human activity. Working in a Children’s Hospital, I have seen the hope and courage of children facing chronic or potentially fatal diseases and conditions. I have personally felt fear, anxiety, trauma, and terror. I have questioned my abilities during several stages of my life. I have received common medical treatment that did not seem to work. Through my journey in life, I discovered hypnosis. I have used hypnosis to help myself as well as others during rough times. Hypnosis has made a profound change in my life and has helped me overcome mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual distress. My purpose in life is to use hypnosis and other adjunct medical modalities to help my clients to be the best they can be and bring light, enlightenment, and love into the world.

Free Download:

    Karel Glazer

  • Mindset Strategist, Speaker and Author

    Presentation: Unleash Your Abundance

About Unleash Your Abundance

What would your life look if you had a magic wand to unleash your true self? That's what we are going to be talking about because, as women, we often have unique blockers that hold us back from living the life that we want to live. We'll talk about the power of authenticity and of the power of vulnerability.

We'll talk about mindset and money mindset and how to unleash your limiting beliefs. We'll talk about real-life stories and how you can take the next steps to unleash your true self.

About Karel

As an expert in Money Mindset, Karel founded of Unleash Your Abundance and the Money Mindset Detox Program.

Karel works with high achievers to empower them to recognize their worthiness to live their life fully and with confidence. 

    Jamie Jenkins

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition BA in Sociology Bilingual English/Spanish


    Presentation: The Kintsugi Perspective: Create Something Beautiful From Life’s Challenges

About The Kintsugi Perspective: Create Something Beautiful From Life’s Challenges

In this workshop, you will be guided through an exercise that applies the principles of the Kintsugi art method, developed in Japan, to your life. You’ll be invited to identify one situation in your life where you feel disempowered, and step by step during the workshop, you will learn how to flip the script and create a more empowering perspective and story. The exercise will both acknowledge the pain and loss that comes with a challenging situation, while honoring the learning and growth that exists within it. As a result of participating in this workshop, you can expect to identify at least one positive consequence of a challenging situation you’ve gone through, a new perspective on how to tell the story of that situation. You will also become capable of applying “The Kintsugi Perspective” to any challenge that may arise in the future.

About Jamie

MBA with 15+ years of international experience working with executives and companies in leadership development, organizational culture & change Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition BA in Sociology Bilingual English/Spanish

Free Download: Put the Kintsugi Perspective in Practice


Follow the seven steps of the Kintsugi Perspective with this guide to reframe even the most challenging stories of your life from a more empowering perspective.

    Heather Alyssa Vinniar

  • Alignment & Purpose Coach, and is the CEO and founder of Heather Viniar Coaching & Wellness


    Presentation:  Values & Vision: Create A Life You Love and EMERGE a Brand New YOU!

About Values & Vision: Create A Life You Love and EMERGE a Brand New YOU!

Planning your future can be challenging when you aren’t clear on your values, know what you want, or truly know what matters to you.

Your values result in your vision.

Getting clear on what truly matters to you supports you in looking towards the future to see what it is you’re looking to create and what it is that you see for yourself 1 month from now, 3 months from now, 1 year from now, 3 years from now.

The actions that you take create the you that’s in existence, and it all comes back to what you value and the actions you take based on those values. 

In this session you will:

Get clear on what’s important to you/what matters to you (aka identifying your values)

Discover HOW those values support/guides in moving forwards towards your future

Create VISION for your future

About Heather

Heather is an Alignment & Purpose Coach, and is the CEO and founder of Heather Viniar Coaching & Wellness. She works with and empowers women to take ownership of their life by implementing long-lasting mindset shifts, discovering their purpose, and integrating their mind, body, and soul.

She’s a firm believer that, as humans, we have the ability to transform experiences of the past into our soul purpose, and is completely inspired by the growth and empowerment that she’s witnessed clients develop. 

Heather is also a 500-ERYT through the Yoga Alliance, with 2000+ hours of yoga and leadership development training accumulated. Her favorite part about yoga is that it’s not just a practice that works, it’s a practice that matters.

She utilizes her life coaching and certification, yoga and mindfulness background, and fitness and nutrition training so she can truly cater to and support clients with individual desires, holistically. Heather is committed to opening up a world of possibility, and believes that it all begins with a mindset shift. Shift your mind, shift your life. Remember, just because the waves in the ocean have ups and downs doesn’t mean they’re not beautiful, flowing, peaceful, and a powerful force of nature. Just like the ebbs and flows of the waves in the ocean, life has ebbs and flows too. Breathe through them, embrace your inner dopeness, and ride the wave to your truest YOU! 

When Heather’s not working or on her mat, she loves beach walks, looking for seashells or shark’s teeth, sunsets, photography, paddle-boarding, playing (aka-snuggling) with her 2 dogs, and most of all, spending time with her family.

Free Download:  3 SECRETS to Setting Powerful Energetic Boundaries MASTERCLASS



You deserve to live an 𝗜𝗚𝗡𝗜𝗧𝗘𝗗 life 👊🏼⁣To IGNITE is to set afire. To set in motion. To begin to GLOW.⁣

Would you believe me if I told you that you were made for more, and that you are meant to experience so much more vitality and freedom in your every day life?

⁣𝗜𝗚𝗡𝗜𝗧𝗘 𝗬𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗟𝗶𝗳𝗲 is perfect for you if..⁣✨ You are ready to discover who you are and what you stand for⁣✨ You are looking to activate long-lasting shifts in your mindset and create new habits⁣✨ You are looking to discover your passion and create a future of fulfillment⁣✨ You are ready to trust your instincts and listen to your intuition⁣✨ You are ready to take ownership of your life by integrating your mind, body, and soul⁣✨ You are ready to create the deepest unconditional self love and confidence you have ever experienced to fully and completely stand in your personal power.

You will complete IGNITE Your Life, a 1x1 coaching program, with a new and expansive sense of freedom, confidence, self love, and using your true voice. 



30 Minute Alignment Call


    Francesca Gottardo

  • Lightworker, Reiki Treatments, Professional Rebalancing Chakras, Angels Channelling, Akashic Records and Healy Treatments

    Presentation:  Values & Vision: Create A Life You Love and EMERGE a Brand New YOU!

About Values & Vision: Create A Life You Love and EMERGE a Brand New YOU!

1-2) I will explain my job and with whom energies I work; I will expound how I knew Master Major Archangel, how I began to channel with Mother Earth and how I understood I could use the Merkaba for the Reiki Treatment. I will clear up how I connect with the Angels and Archangels to improve the healing power of The Person and I will demonstrate the Technique of Grounding and how it is important to re-energize ourselves during the day in a very easy and fast way.

3) I expect my attendees to feel better, to be relaxed and that their energetic channel opens. I will open and clean up their chakras and with the help of Angels and Archangels their Karma will be clean too. 

4) My favorite part is when I do the Reiki Session with the help of Merkaba, Angels, Archangels, Mother Earth and Master Major Archangel. It is stimulating and relaxing at the same time to get in touch with them and to see how they heal people. 

Make sure to download my meditation to rediscover reconnecting to Mother Earth and your First Chakra. To rediscover your Heart Chakra and the energy that dominates it, that mixes with the energy of the earth and the golden energy of your Star in the Universe.

About Francesca

Lightworker, Reiki Master, Professional Rebalancing Chakras, Angels Channeling, Akashic Records and Healy Treatments.

Free Download: FIND YOURSELF- Audio Meditation

A meditation to rediscover reconnecting to Mother Earth and your First Chakra. To rediscover your Heart Chakra and the energy that dominates it, that mixes with the energy of the earth and the golden energy of your Star in the Universe.



ANGELIC MERKABA AND MOTHER EARTH HEALING COURSE: With this course you will discover the Power of the Merkaba's Energy, in collaboration with the Major Archangel, the Energy of Mother Earth and the Circle of Light. You will learn how you will treat and heal yourself and others with the help of these Energies too. The Course will last for 3 days: about an hour and a half every day, to give your body and spirit the opportunity to assimilate the Activations.



100 Euros instead of 150 Euros.



ANGELIC MERKABA AND MOTHER EARTH REIKI SESSION: A remote Personalized Reiki Session with the Support of the Energy of the Merkaba, the Major Archangel, the Energy of Mother Earth and the Circle of Light.


    Emily Wilson

  • Coach, Designer, Writer


    Presentation:  How to Get More of What You Want

    Video Coming Soon!

About How to Get More of What You Want

 In How to Get More of What You Want, I will be teaching you how to figure out your desires, how to get your desires, and how to live in ease embodiment. This training I’ve personally embodied and received a brand new iPhone 12 Pro, a dream partner, unexpected money, a new place to live. 

About Emily

A coach, designer, writer, dog Mom, improv comedy performer, self-proclaimed queen of busting through the bullshit and inspirational hype woman to help you become who you long to be.


Living in Your Magic.

A 30-Minute private call to focus on what is holding you back from living in your magic and a curated embodiment strategy to help you shift into your desires.

$333 DM me on Facebook

    Janet Caliri

  • Life Transitions Coach


    LIVE Presentation @ 10:30 AM EST 9/25:  

    How To Enjoy Each Other’s Differences

    See Zoom links at top of page. Replay will be posted here.

About How To Enjoy Each Other’s Differences

“The enemy is never the other side. The enemy is our own self-righteousness.” ~ Jon Block.

Transitions are not only fundamental, but they are also prevalent both personally and globally today. And given we do not all share the same opinions or perspectives; orchestrating a loving environment may require a willingness to, at first, feel uncomfortable. Resilience and a harmonious environment is on the other side of that discomfort.

Otherwise, when we attempt to stay the same or fight life as it is, resistance arises, like a wall separating you and me. While each of us is unique with special gifts to offer, we will never agree on everything. Accepting and enjoying that reality is what Janet’s Visible Transitions photographic process helps you to accomplish. Janet will show you one of her proprietary photo processes, the Neutrality Practice: increases productivity, energy, confidence in direction, creativity, solutions easily accessible, right action and most importantly, being present.

In this interactive talk with Janet Caliri, you’ll walk away with a fun photographic tool using curiosity and a camera to:* Be more genuinely curious rather than reactive towards those you disagree with* Develop more empathy towards your ‘enemies’ leading to harmonious and pleasant relationships* Learn the 3-R’s that stop you from feeling satisfied, peaceful and happy.

About Janet

Janet Caliri is a certified life coach, bestselling author, and well-regarded speaker who brings her innovative process and playful energy to audiences and private clients alike. Known as the “Curiosity Coach,”

Janet’s mission is igniting human potential. She is the founder of Visible Transitions, a proprietary photographic technique that helps clients approach difficult and challenging life transitions with curiosity, ease, and acceptance. Janet has combined her passions and experience in life coaching, professional photography, cardiovascular radiology, writing, and art, to develop a community of leaders with high emotional intelligence. 

Her journey and her proven photographic methodology were inspired by personal health challenges, which required her to utilize curiosity and a smartphone camera to accelerate her healing and feel joyous during a life transition. Ever since, Janet has shared Visible Transitions with thousands of people worldwide as a gateway to ignite their potential.

Free Download: Three Keys to More Ease and Joy in Difficult Life Transitions


Offer: As pdf and png: 

During our session, you'll learn creative tools to experience more ease, joy & clarity Increase confidence, motivation & personal power. Connect more harmoniously with yourself and others



    Danielle Siekierski

  • Intuitive Guide and Healer


    LIVE Presentation @ 12:30 PM EST 9/25:  

    Energetic Alignment; Connecting Back To You

About Energetic Alignment; connecting back to you

In this quick time together we will discuss energetics. We will explore what it means to be in “alignment”. We will go deeper into how to tell if you are in or out of energetic alignment. We will finish with a quick meditative practice showing you how to make decisive and aligned choices in under 10 seconds.

About Danielle

Danielle is a spiritual teacher and healer. She has worked as a trained practitioner in wellness and healing modalities for 10+ years. Her soul goal is to teach and empower both women and men to tap into the true vibrance and essence of their souls. Danielle uses her knowledge and intuitive abilities to guide others into defining and obtaining the life they truly wish to have and embrace the person that they are.  


Alignment Project - a 10 week course


$100 Off the course ($499) until 9/22/21 for emerge participants.

    DaLorean Marz

  • The Sensitive Empowerment Mentor


    Presentation:  Building Boundaries by Saying NO! For Highly Sensitive People Who Are Chronically Overcommitted and Overwhelmed

About Building Boundaries by Saying NO! For Highly Sensitive People Who Are Chronically Overcommitted and Overwhelmed 

Are you like most Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) where you constantly feel burned out, stressed, and overwhelmed with seemingly everything and you don't know where to start?

Are you always doing for everyone else which leaves little to no free time for yourself?And maybe you know you want to start creating more time for yourself but telling someone 'No' terrifies you.

Join DaLorean Marz, Life Coach & Mentor for Highly Sensitive People, and discover actionable tips & techniques for how to stop overcommitting by starting to say 'No' without feeling guilty about it.

In this jam-packed class you’ll learn:

What a Highly Sensitive Person is and whether or not you are one

What causes so much stress for Highly Sensitive People,

Why HSPs get stressed and overwhelmed so easily, and how to begin to reduce your stress NOW

SETTING BOUNDARIES: When it's OK to say "No" and when you absolutely MUST

Tips for HOW to effectively say "No

"BONUS: 10 Ways to say "No" and still be able to keep friendships

Whether you learn to say 'No' more often, or just learn to say 'Yes' on your terms, it's time to release yourself from the burden of pleasing others. Give yourself time and freedom to be, and do, what matters to YOU.

About DaLorean

DaLorean Marz, known as the Sensitive Empowerment Mentor, is a certified Master Life Coach who specializes in stress reduction, self-love, and confidence-building for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs). 

DaLorean is passionate about working specifically with Highly Sensitive People because she is one herself and struggled with debilitating stress, overwhelm, and burnout her entire life, even as a small child. 

Today she is dedicated to teaching Highly Sensitive People how to protect and restore their limited energy each day, as she is masterful at showing them how to snap out of their self-sabotaging people-pleasing loop so that they can navigate their lives with more comfort, authenticity, and confidence.

Free Download: The Power of NO Toolkit for Highly Sensitive People

In this FREE toolkit you’ll learn:

When it's OK to say "No" and when you absolutely MUST

Tips for HOW to effectively say "No

"BONUS: 10 Ways to say "No" and still be able to keep friendships



FREE Clarity Session ($500 value)

During this complimentary session, you will:

Know why you have been struggling and how to begin to bring less stress and overwhelm and more confidence, calm, and comfort into your life right now.

Understand the #1 thing standing in your way and what to do about it.

Understand why what you have been doing isn’t working and be clear on the best next action to take.

We will assess your current situation and determine what you need most to get where you want to go.

Discover how working together can help you create permanent changes in your life

Our call will be held via Zoom with our cameras TURNED OFF. 


    Chelsea Albert

  • Intuitive Energy Healer and Hypnotherapist


    Presentation:  Have You Ever Met Someone Who Just Seems So...Free? 

About Have you ever met someone who just seems so...Free? 

What’s their secret? How are they managing to live this life of inner freedom and peace while the world around us seems to be descending into chaos? This talk will give you the secret to their truly free state of being and help you find your own self love and authenticity, so that no matter what goes on in the world, you will always be free.

About Chelsea

Chelsey Albert is an Intuitive Energy Healer and Hypnotherapist specializing in trauma release, inner child work, and releasing unconscious patterns. Her greatest joy in her work is helping her clients find their inner peace and a renewed sense of self love and confidence.

    Cally Rempis

  • Hypnotherapist and Integrated Health Coach at Inner Working Hypnosis


    Presentation:  Destress and Manifest

About Manifest and Destress

Teaching steps to help you destress in challenging times and how to start manifesting the life you want.

About Cally

Frustrated with my own life in the corporate world, I was overweight and struggling with my health. Everyday in my corporate environment was stressful and just felt wrong. I had an inner fire that was just calling me to somewhere else, but I wasn’t sure where to go or what to do. I had struggled with my weight since I was a teenager. I really wanted to fulfill the need of my inner warrior, but I just couldn’t get a handle on my weight. 

I was called to hypnotherapy and integrative health coaching after seeking out help for myself. It changed my life...Hypnotherapy and integrated health coaching helped me change the internal programming that was working against me into new and healthy ways to cope with trauma and stress. The change in me was immediate and AMAZING!

From there, I started to search for my purpose and what being happy means for me. I am a warrior at heart. I love to laugh, play and have fun. I love animals, nature and music! I am a musician, dancer and artist. I am a constant learner and always striving to learn more.

But most of all, I love people. I love helping people. And then it just fell onto my lap. I am going to help people, just like me, release their inner warrior, release weight, get back to a healthy lifestyle and emerge as their true selvesI look forward to helping your true self emerge. I am committed to your transformation. 

    Britta Neinast

  • Licensed Therapist


    LIVE Presentation @ 10 AM EST 9/25 

    Anxiety: Shift into the Miraculous

About Anxiety: Shift Into The Miraculous

You are a miracle worker but anxiety keeps you playing small. Learn the 3 step process to heal from the inside out, and then be ready for miracles.

About Britta

Your deepest desire is to experience real connection with others while feeling the freedom to be yourself. When you have negative experiences, your brain becomes locked in self-protection mode, shutting you off from those connections. Britta is a licensed therapist, focusing on the brain science behind the anxiety you experience in your life and relationships, and ways to rewire your brain so you can finally feel free.

Free Download:  Body Scan Meditation


    Angela Segraves

  • Energy Healer & Akashic Records Practitioner


    Presentation: Healing the Past with the Akashic Records

    Video Coming Soon!

About Healing the Past with the Akashic Records

Do you feel stuck or blocked in life or just lack the confidence to move forward? 

The Akashic Records hold all of the information from this life and all lives that you have lived. You can access that information to heal relationships, blockages, ancestral karma and so much more!

About Angela

Angela Segraves is an Energy Healer, Akashic Records Practitioner and Spiritual Herbalist who loves helping you learn about the magic and beauty of the plants and Spiritual energy around you and how you can bring that magic into your life and heal what's holding you back.

She can help you get to the root cause of blocks and remove them so you can reconnect with your Power and live the life you're dreaming of. 

Angela loves being in nature and helping others connect to Plant Medicine, their own Earth Magic and Soul Wisdom. If you want to learn more about Angela and her offerings, please visit her website at www.angelasegraves.com

Free Download: Recordings of my E.V.O.L.V.E. Virtual Retreat

E.V.O.L.V.E. was a virtual retreat where I led the attendees on a series of experiences to help them connect more fully with their body and Soul, heal the throat chakra, Own their Power and so much more! It was a week full of revelations, healing and connection that left everyone feeling more confident in their decision making abilities, more comfortable in their own skin and trusting their intuition. The videos from that retreat are powerful and healing and only limited to a few people to access. Now, YOU can experience the energy and abundance of healing from the E.V.O.L.V.E. Retreat by accessing 3 of the 6 sessions for free!



10% off of 1:1 private sessions Use Code “EMERGE” at checkout to receive 10% on a private healing session. Most sessions involve a guided meditation to get to the root cause of what needs to be healed at this time. It could also include channeling, light language, or Angelic Reiki. This powerful session has helped my clients through times in their lives when they feel anxious and can’t seem to move forward. We work together to bring forth healing and forgiveness so you can live the life of your dreams.



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