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Group Coaching

I have a solution to your problem of out of control eating and weight gain

The Elite Weight Release Group gives you the keys to:

  • Successfully releasing weight and keep it off

  • Reducing stress

  • Releasing toxins from your body

  • Craving real, unprocessed food

  • Eating food in the right combinations

  • Exercising for the fat burning and lean muscle building

  • Making simple lifestyle and habit changes

  • Creating time for yourself

  • Incorporating daily hypnosis/meditation

  • Thinking positively

  • Understanding the emotional cause of your weight gain

  • Distinguishing between physical hunger and. emotional hunger


Client Successes

My clients celebrated successes even during the holiday season.

One client was able to stay in complete control throughout Thanksgiving and Christmas and is still releasing weight while being surrounded by tempting foods because she has been able to turn off her cravings and make healthy choices.

Even clients who were struggling to release weight before released up to 8lbs. in one week with the 7-DAY Quick Start Fat Release Guide

Why Is It So Hard To Lose Weight?

Several things are making people gain weight and keep it on such as stress eating, choosing the wrong foods, eating at the wrong times, and eating unhealthy convenience foods.

This leads to people feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and making poor choices which packs on the pounds even faster. It also increases inflammation and pain in the body and the risks of every disease increases, as well.

What Can You Do?

When people eat the right food at the right times, their cravings disappear, their hormones balance naturally, their pain diminishes or disappears, their brain fog lifts, their energy increases, and the weight releases.

When people exercise properly, they can burn fat, build lean muscle, reduce pain and inflammation, look and feel years younger. 

Meet Terrill Sydnes

Terrill is a nutrition and health expert of over 20 years and has been helping people get lean, get fit and reset their bodies with real food for sustained weight loss.

She is known as the 'Fat Slayer' because she knows how to transform bodies from the inside out. Terrill makes getting healthy and fit fun. 

Her 7-Day Fat Release Guide is the perfect way to release up to eight pounds in one week, get your body in fat-burning mode and give you a quick win so you have the motivation and confidence you need to reach your health and healthy weight goals.

Join Terrill and me in our Elite Weight Release Coaching Group to reset your body and reset your mind for successful weight release. We'll see you inside!

What Happens In The Health Coaching Group?

The 7-Day Fat and Stress Release Guide to detox your mind and body. Expect to release up to 8 lbs. and feel calm, focused, have tons of energy and sleep well at night. This also prepares your body for easier weight loss. 

Eat real food in the right combinations and exercise properly to get your body in fat burning mode. This will help you to release weight and reduce pain and inflammation in your body.  You will also reshape your taste buds and crave only the healthiest foods which will fill you up and help you reach and maintain your healthy weight.

Destress with hypnosis, tapping and breathing techniques. Discover how to make time for yourself so your needs and desires are met and you are relaxed, revitalized and ready to achieve goals in all area of your life. 

What’s The Investment?




If you need to or would like to continue, then it's $21 per month


    Access to a private FB group for :

  • 7-Day Quick Start Fat Release Guide

  • Fat-burning food combos

  • Recipes

  • Tips

  • Monthly trainings

  • Hypnosis recordings

  • Daily accountability

  • New info added weekly

  • Monthly group coaching

  • Exercise Videos


I’d like To Answer Some Common Questions

Are There Any Pre-Packaged Foods, Shakes, Or Pills To Buy?

No, you are eating real food that you buy at the supermarket.

There is a huge list to choose from to suit everyone’s taste buds.

Is There A Crazy Exercise Routine Involved?

No, you will have access to some easy and enjoyable ways to exercise to get your body into fat burning mode.

Can You Guarantee My Results?

Here’s my promise to you, 98% of the clients who follow the suggestions and commit to themselves release weight. In the group, you will have support, accountability, questions answered, guidance and new information weekly. Terrill and I want to work with you to reach your goals and cheer you on every step of the way. And most importantly, celebrate your success!


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